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Teeth whitening

At Refresh Dental Care we offer a range of safe and professional whitening solutions.

Brighten your smile and achieve professional results safely in chair by a dental professional, using the latest technology from Philips ZOOM! or choose our take home option to whiten your teeth over time from the comfort of your own home.

The ZOOM! in chair whitening procedure takes around 45 minutes and gives instant, long lasting results. While receiving the treatment you can comfortably kick back and relax, listening to some music or watching your favourite show on Netflix. We take before and after photos so that you can clearly see the final results. After the treatment one of our practitioners will provide you with after care instructions in order to maintain the best, long term results.

We can also assist with removing old and unsightly silver fillings (Amalgam) and replacing them with discreet tooth coloured restorations. 

Contact us know to find out if you are an eligible candidate for teeth whitening. Results may vary.

More treatments

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 A crown is sometimes referred to as a cap as it is placed over a carefully prepared tooth to restore strength, appearance and function.


We provide splints for teeth grinding and clenching.

We also offer custom made mouth guards to suit most sports.

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Time to take your little one for a dental exam? We can help with all of your children's dental needs, contact us for more information.