General dentistry

At Refresh Dental Care we can assist with a number of general procedures.

We offer a number of pain management solutions to ensure a comfortable and pain free experience, such as local anaesthetic and happy gas.

We pride ourselves on being a family friendly practice where everyone is welcome and we can tend to all your dental needs.

Our friendly hygienists will provide you with a thorough clean and our dentist will to a comprehensive check up to make sure you oral health is up to scratch. 

At Refresh Dental Care we are a one-stop-shop where we can see to all your dental needs, everything from fillings, digital x-rays, OPGs, root canal treatment, crowns and bridges, veneers, mouth guards and splints, sleep and TMJ disorders, children's dentistry, wisdom teeth extractions, gum alterations, orthodontics, periodontics and emergency dental care.

Get in touch with our friendly staff to make an appointment or  conveniently book an appointment online.

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More treatments

Root canal treatment.jpeg

Root canal treatment may be required if a tooth is severely decayed, has been heavily filled and restored, fractured or has cracked.

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A great smile is more than just perfect teeth. Fuller lips and smoother features are ways to make sure that your beautiful smile is framed by a symmetric and youthful face. 


Issues with the TMJ can cause a wide range of problems. Such as regular headaches, jaw pain, ear problems, face or neck pain, clicking or locking jaw.