Why choose Invisalign? Invisible treatment. Predictable results. Built for comfort. Fewer appointments. How does it...


Veneers are a cosmetic option for the front teeth. Different from a crown, veneers do...

Lip Fillers and Anti-wrinkle

Dentists have a profound understanding of complete facial aesthetics, and a great smile is more...

Amalgam Filling Replacement


General dentistry

At Refresh Dental Care we can assist with several general procedures. We offer several pain...

Children’s dentistry

Time to take your little one for a dental exam? We can help with all...

Orthodontic treatments

An attractive straight smile is not the only benefit of orthodontics. Crooked teeth, unfortunately in...

Teeth whitening

At Refresh Dental Care we offer a range of safe and professional whitening solutions. Brighten...

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment may be required if a tooth is severely decayed, has been heavily...

Emergency dental care

At Refresh Dental Care we strive to accommodate all dental emergencies as quickly as possible....

Crowns & bridges

At Refresh Dental Care we offer crowns in one visit, while you wait. Crowns are...

Custom made mouth guards

Our teeth are very vulnerable when participating in contact sports and sporting activities account for...

Checkups & cleans

Dental professionals are specifically trained to assess an individual’s risk status. It is with this...


We can provide you with full or partial dentures as a solution for missing teeth....

Dental implants

A dental implant can be thought of as an artificial tooth root that is submerged...

Teeth grinding

Bruxism is the term used to describe tooth clenching and grinding. Many people only become...

TMJ & sleep disorders

The temporomandibular joint is the hinge that connects the lower jaw, known as the mandible,...

Gum treatments

At Refresh Dental Care we can treat a range of gum problems. The appearance of...

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Leith Blackley
Leith Blackley
Jenna M
Jenna M
Christine Horrocks
Christine Horrocks
Emma Stroud
Emma Stroud
Natalie Hughes
Natalie Hughes
Kayla Te Wao
Kayla Te Wao
Incredible service!! The team really took care of me and talked me through every step. We even had a few laughs before and after which settled my nerves. Thank you
Emma Duffy
Emma Duffy
Definitely the place to go if you’re scared of the dentist and needles. All the staff are friendly and helpful, do a great job and explain everything. Most importantly the dentist numbed my gum before the anaesthetic injection so I didn’t feel the needle at all! Completely painless from start to finish. Highly recommend.
James Reed
James Reed
Katrina Stuve
Katrina Stuve
Refresh is fantastic, really nice and caring staff and Dr Agius is just lovely, so professional I feel very calm going there.
Rebeckah Latinovich
Rebeckah Latinovich