Our Technology

Technology is not just about keeping up with the advancements that are available but also about combining our extensive skills with the new and improved tools to provide a more in-depth and comprehensive treatment solution for you.

To provide you with the most comprehensive, efficient and comfortable dental appointment, we have equipped our practice with advanced technology developed specifically for the dental profession.

Our practice actively uses:

Cone beam CT and Digital X-rays

    • The many benefits of using digital x-rays include significantly less radiation
      for both you and our staff and there are no toxic processing chemicals used,
      protecting the environment and making for a safer workplace
    •  They offer a much higher definition image to enable accurate diagnosis. With
      computer software the image can be enhanced, enabling a much broader
      range of diagnoses to be made from a single exposure
    • Additionally the image is available almost instantly, providing you with a more efficient appointment



Intra-oral camera with decay detection (Sopro Life)

  • This is a small digital camera that fits comfortably in your mouth and enables
    us to show you an enlarged image of your teeth on a full colour screen
  • We are able to freeze and enhance the image so we are better able to
    explain or illustrate what the existing conditions are and discuss the
    treatment options available
  • It also has a decay detection function which uses flouresence to colour map a
    tooth and show up the tiniest amount of decay invisible to the naked eye or



  • Cavities can be difficult to see when they occur along fissure lines or inside
    the deep pits of back molar teeth, which is where our Diagnodent technology
    becomes invaluable for the health of your teeth.
  • This technology uses a simple and safe laser diode to scan your teeth
    checking their density. A computer readout indicates if there is an area that
    needs filling or we need to monitor closely. This treatment requires no x-rays
    and through early detection, can lead to smaller and simpler fillings,
    preserving more of your natural tooth

Needle Free Injection (Injex)

  • The INJEX System uses a specially designed spring loaded device held
    against the gum which has a micro opening of only 0.18 mm diameter
    through which the local anaesthetic is administered under dosed pressure to
    the underlying tissue – virtually painless and exactly where it is needed
  • The technique is useful on all primary (baby) teeth and most adult teeth
  • The result is an almost painless needle free local anaesthetic with almost
    immediate onset which also reduces the treatment time
  • Since only a small amount of local anaesthetic is administered the lips, cheek
    and tongue do not get numb. There are also fewer risks of side effects due to lower doses of anaesthetic


In-chair entertainment system

  • Our in-chair entertainment system allows you to watch TV or choose from our
    selection of DVDs, listen to a CD, radio or our extensive iTunes library, with
    optional headphones, while receiving treatment

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