Full Mouth Rejuvenation

  • At Refresh Dental Care we focus on all aspects of your oral health, not just
    the appearance of your smile
  • Rejuvenating your smile can be a life-changing decision usually recommended
    when major changes to your bite are required
  • A benefit of this procedure is that it not only improves function, but greatly
    enhances the aesthetic appearance of your smile
  • A worn or misaligned bite is often one of the main causes of functional and
    cosmetic problems, therefore correcting the way your teeth fit together as
    part of your treatment plan is essential to ensure good function as well as the
    durability of the cosmetic treatment
  • Corrective treatment will often incorporate various dental disciplines and may
    include dental implants to replace missing teeth, a bite splint or orthotic to
    stabilise jaw position or orthodontics

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