Dietary Advice

Your oral health is influenced by your diet choices just as much as your general health is. Each time you eat, whether it’s a snack or a meal, food containing sugar or starch react with bacteria in plaque to produce acid, which will attack the teeth.


It is best to eat sugary foods at normal meal times in order to limit the amount of acid attacks on your teeth as it’s not the amount of sugar you eat but how often you eat it that causes the most problems. Constant snacking throughout the day will prolong your teeth’s exposure to food acid.


Chewing sugar free gum is beneficial as it increase saliva flow and helps neutralise acid and protect your teeth. A well-balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, cheese, yoghurt, bread, cereals, chicken and fish are healthier and more tooth friendly options. If you do snack between meals, rinsing your mouth with fluoridated water will help neutralise any acidity.


Many drinks including soft and sports drinks as well as alcoholic beverages contain more sugar than you may realise and contribute to dental decay. Some drinks such as fruit juices are very acidic causing erosion damage to your tooth enamel. When you are thirsty fluoridated water is a much healthier option.

Below is a chart outlining some common foods and drinks and their acid level.


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