Children’s Dentistry


Caring for children is one of our greatest pleasures here at Refresh Dental Care. We are dedicated to making your child’s appointment a fun experience so they become enthusiastic about attending future appointments so they can keep their smile healthy for life.

Bringing your child to our practice from a young age (as early as 12 months), even if it’s just for your checkup appointment, will help them become familiar with our team and surroundings, making them less apprehensive when it comes time for their checkup. Your child’s first checkup will usually consist of a quick exam of their teeth, gums, jaw and bite, lasting between 15-30 minutes.

By age three, most children will have all their primary (baby) teeth and although they fall out naturally, it’s essential they are cared for the same way as permanent teeth. Primary teeth play an important role in facial bone structure and speech development. They also help maintain space for emerging adult teeth. It is at this age we can begin to monitor any early breathing problems and nasal obstruction. These problems can affect arch development and alignment of the jaw, therefore the earlier they are detected, the better. While not all children will require orthodontic treatment, early assessment and intervention can reduce treatment time and expense. Additionally, early treatment may also eliminate the need for fixed braces by the time your child reaches the all important high school years.

Having a good, open upper airway and being able to breathe freely through your nose with your mouth closed provides the most efficient means of breathing and obtaining oxygen. It is also extremely important to the development of a well-formed oral environment.

Chronic mouth breathing can lead to a number of problems and can begin from a very early age. It can also often cause snoring due to the restriction of the nasal cavity or upper airway. It is important we eliminate the cause of the restricted airway and implement the most appropriate treatment solution for your individual needs. If we suspect your child has sleep apnoea, which can affect a child’s personality, learning ability and life skills, we may need to refer your child to a ENT Specialist (Ear Nose and Throat Specialist) or sleep specialist to ensure the best possible results and outcome is achieved. We work closely with some very professional specialists that regularly assist with accurate and successful diagnosis.


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