Options For Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental Implants

  • There have been many advancements in dentistry over the years and one of
    the most notable is dental implants
  • Replacing missing teeth is important, not only for your appearance, selfconfidence
    and full mouth function, but also for retaining total oral health
  • What makes an implant such an ideal restorative solution is its ability to
    mimic the function of a natural tooth root and integrate with your jawbone in
    a relatively short timeframe
  • Although there are several options for replacing a missing tooth, a dental
    implant is often or usually the most ideal solution
  • Implants can also be utilised to support dental bridges or poorly
    retained/loose dentures (click here for more information on implants)


Dental Bridge

  • This is another effective replacement solution for missing teeth that can
    rejuvenate your smile and restore your oral health
  • A bridge consists of one or more false teeth, which are secured to natural
    teeth on either side of the space by crowns
  • A bridge may also be secured by dental implants


  • We are able to provide you with full or partial dentures as a less costly
    solution for missing teeth
  • The materials that our dentures are made from include acrylic, chrome or the
    new flexible Valplast®, a lightweight, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing
    denture solution
  • Valplast® is virtually invisible because there are no visible metal clasps and
    the material itself blends with the tissue in your mouth so that you can make
    the most of your natural smile
  • Should you have a problem retaining dentures, we are able to offer implant
    retained dentures, including the affordable mini-implant system, to provide
    you with the comfort and support you need
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